There are a lot of questions to be answered at this time seeing as most of you have just heard about our calling to move to Papua New Guinea (PNG). We believe that a lot of those were answered briefly in our newsletter we sent out to you.  As we send out more newsletters and start blogging more, we hope to answer questions in more detail for you. If you can think of any questions and would like us to answer in a blog, please let us know.

png-map2The one question I think most everyone will have is: “Where in the world is PNG?” Shoot, we had that question when Daniella’s parents told us they were moving there right before we got married. So here is a little geography lesson for everyone…PNG shares the eastern-half of an island with Indonesia. The island is located north of Australia as you can see from the picture to the left… Pretty neat, huh?  It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Coral Sea. The Solomon Islands are also near-by.

Papua New Guinea’s capital is Port Moresby, which lies on the southern coast of the island. It is best known for its natural resources and difficulty in getting there (this one will be mentioned in further detail when we blog about how we are going to travel to PNG). The official language is Tok Pisin, English and Hiri Motu; however, there are more than 836 tribal languages spoken. With all these languages it is not a surprise that there are a lot of indigenous groups on the island. If you get a chance you should look up images of “Papua New Guinea Tribes.” It is amazing to see the diversity and colors of the different tribal costumes.

Although this is a brief summary of where in the world is PNG, I hope it enlightened you and got you excited to read more about our preparation and journey to this small country. We hope that a lot of you will join us in partnership as we take these next steps. Blessings!

~Lukas and Daniella





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