Teaching at George Rench Memorial High School (Part 2)

Living at Kudjip there are not very many opportunities for “normal” high school memories to be made by my students. They do have Youth Group with one of the parents here, and they are always coming up with activities to do together. These activities have definitely given them many memories and filled their school years with joy. However, I do want to try to give them opportunities to experience some “normal” high school experiences, I just have to be a bit more creative.

Field trip to see the broken-down excavator being pushed down the road.

One opportunity I wanted to give them was a favorite of mine from high school: Spirit Week. This gives the students a chance to dress up and have fun together. In order to take off some of the pressure though we are doing a Spirit Month, or dressing up as a certain theme on four Friday’s. As a bonus the elementary school has decided to participate in the Spirit Month with us. Apparently, this is the first time that the “whole” missionary kid school has done this (they normally do it separately or not at all). They are all really excited about the themes and are being very creative with their costumes. I will be doing a post at the end of April to show all their creativity and hard work.

I also wanted to have a bit more interaction with the elementary school and allow my students a chance to give of themselves a bit. So, I came up with a “Secret Buddy” program. You might know it as “Secret Santa” or “Secret Angel” or any number of names. The four students in the high school picked an elementary student’s name out of a hat. The four elementary students did the same for a high school student’s name. Now for the next month they are supposed to do/give ONE nice thing a week for their “Secret Buddy.” This could be a poem, some flowers, cookies, etc. I am excited to see what the students come up with and how it will go.

Going to watch some of the “Mumu” cooking process.

We have also planned an end of the school party for April 21st. It will be a chance to unwind and hang out as high school students without parental supervision (only teacher/sister supervision). The reason the party is not at the end of the school year is that one of my students leaves at the end of April for home assignment. Being only four students we wanted to celebrate the end of the school year while she was still here. (Of course we are planning a paper burning party for the end of May/beginning of June once school is “officially” done). At this point they are wanting a pizza party with lots of snacks and desserts. They also want to play games and watch a movie.

The middle excavator is being pushed/pulled down the road by the other two tractors.


At some point I am hoping to work on a year book to commemorate their school year. That way we can include pictures of some of our “field trips.” Our field trips occur when anything of interest out of the ordinary is happening in or around the compound. The two we have had so far is when we went to see a broken-down excavator being pushed down the road by two other tractors (quite the stir!) and to go see the cooking process of a Mumu (a special celebratory meal done for big events, this one for the 50th Celebration). The students have also been collecting pictures of hikes and other activities they have done together that we can put in this year book. We are also hoping to do a photo shoot so that they can each have a page of nice pictures for the year. They know that these will not be available until next year as Baby Woltjer comes right after school, and we have to have pictures of our paper burning party.

If you have any other creative ideas on how to bless these students and bring them some fun memories related to school, please let me know! And be sure to check back at the end of April for pictures and notes on Spirit Month!


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