Hospital Evangelism

As we mentioned in our March newsletter, our small group had the opportunity to lead hospital evangelism this month. The chaplain team for the hospital picks dates and asks the different missionary small groups to host those days. April 23rd was the day we picked for our evangelism. As hosts, we prepare the devotionals and songs for the day. Our group decided to have each family prepare a devotional for one of the four wards. The day of our hospital evangelism we realized that with our small group and those that joined us, we had enough people to actually split into two groups so that each group could spend more time on each of the wards. Our group went and visited “C-Ward” (surgical) and “D-Ward” (maternity). Lydia, my senior, played guitar and led us in worship. We sang three Tok Pisin songs and then one English song.


Here is one of the Tok Pisin songs:

God em inap, God em inap,
Mi save God em inap,
Mi save God em inap long helpim mi.
I tekewe bel i hevi, i tekewe sin b’long mi,
I kisim bek ol man i lus na litimapim mi.

This is translated: “God is able, God is able, I know God is able, I know God is able to help me. He takes away my heavy heart, He takes away my sin, He gets back (rescues/redeems) the lost and lifts me up.”

After we sang in “C-Ward”, Dr. Jim Radcliffe shared a message on pleasing God with our thoughts and actions. We then went around and prayed for everyone who wanted to be prayed for. Since we are still learning Tok Pisin we joined up with Lydia and she helped us in understanding some of the quieter prayer requests. I, Daniella was occupied keeping Benjamin quiet, but I prayed in my heart for those we stopped to pray with. Lukas however stepped up and prayed for the patients in Tok Pisin. It was amazing to hear him pray for their healing in their language. (I, Daniella, am very proud of how far he has come in his speaking.) In “D-Ward” Lukas shared a message (in Tok Pisin) about the new life we have in Jesus. He thought this was appropriate seeing as we were in the maternity ward. Prayer followed, and again, it was a blessing to be praying in Tok Pisin and English for the healing of these patients.

Overall it was an amazing experience and one that we are hoping to do again. We are so thankful to be a part of this ministry and to be able to pray for those the hospital ministers to.


One thought on “Hospital Evangelism

  1. I a so proud of Lukas being able to pray and lead a mini sermon in Tok Pisin! That makes me so happy to hear that both your language skills have come so far! I’ll continue praying that you are able to learn more and more while you are there!


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