Spirit Month

In order to give my students some fun memories we decided to do a Spirit Month. After coming up with themes and voting on them we decided to have: Ancient Day, Group Day, Superhero Day and Rockstar Day. When the elementary school found out that we were doing this, they asked if they could join in. Apparently this is the first time both schools have done a Spirit Month together.

On March 24th we did Ancient Day. This was a day where we could be anything/anybody from the past. As you can see we ended up with: Joseph and Mary, five knights/soldiers (these kids love their swords), Joan of Arc, American Indian, the sun, Cleopatra, Chinese lady, and a Greek lady. It was quite the creative sphere.


On March 31st we did Group Day. The point of Group Day was to partner up with one or more classmates to be a group of something. My highschool students decided they wanted to be the four seasons. I had to join in the fun of this and decided to be “Mother Earth.” (Pun on being pregnant…and of course the seasons happen based on where the Earth is around the Sun and Moon). As you can see we have winter (Caleb), Autumn (Emma), Mother Earth (me), Spring (Lydia), and Summer (Emma). The elementary students had two groups: Narnia and “Growing Up”. We had two talking animals and Prince Caspian. Then we had the four stages of growing up: baby, elementary school, teenager/college and Mom.


On April 7th we did Superhero Day! From left to right we have: Spock (YAY! Definitely one of my heroes), dinosaur (one of the little Mk’s who wanted to dress up with us), Clark Kent/Superman, Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible/Helen Parr (pregnant with their fourth child), Benjamin, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Super Plumber (towel for a cape and everything), Catwoman, Masquerader (creatively designed by my student), Panda Bear, Owl, Ninja, Batman, and the Flash. Of course, the students might have different names for some of their superhero costumes.


On April 21st we did Rockstar Day. I must say I this was the day I was least looking forward to…who has ever seen a 7 month pregnant rockstar!?! However, after seeing the AMAZING costumes and creativity of the students, I think this was one of the best days. We had everything from the Union/Confederate soldiers, to a rock with a star on it, #1 biggest fan, and Johnny Cash. (Personally I think Caleb definitely got best costume of Spirit Month).


After the success of this Spirit Month I have to say we will definitely be doing this again! It was a blessing to be able to join together with the elementary students. Next time though we will have to get their votes for themes as well. 🙂 I am curious though…who do you think had the best costume? And which theme had the best all around costumes? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!


One thought on “Spirit Month

  1. I LOVED seeing the pictures and reading about Spirit Month! When I got to the last one and saw Caleb with black hair and facial hair and the whole nine yards as Jonny Cash I just about cried I was laughing so hard!
    This was so creative and fun! I loved seeing everyone’s creative ides! So so fun!


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