Shopping Trip

Once a month we have the chance to take a break from our regular work to go into Mt. Hagen and buy food to last us until the next shopping day. We drive one of the mission land cruisers (see below) about an hour west on a “high way”. We are thankful that they are … More Shopping Trip

Spirit Month Part 1

It has definitely been fun to plan and schedule another Spirit Month. I love watching the creativity and resourcefulness of my students (and the other kids). Our first Friday, February 23rd, we did “Ninja/Warrior Day.” Can you guess which of my students voted for that one? I will give you a hint: they are male. … More Spirit Month Part 1

Hospital Evangelism

One of the highlights of being a part of a hospital ministry is the chance to participate in Hospital Evangelism throughout the year. This month our group was in charge of the program. This means picking and leading songs, sharing scripture and a devotional, and reminding people when/where to show up. Lukas volunteered to lead … More Hospital Evangelism

Electives with Lukas

This semester I have been helping with two electives. First, I have been leading a bridge-building art elective. In this elective, my goal has been to briefly introduce the students to concepts of design and structures, as well as give them a medium with which to be creative. After our introductory class, I provided each … More Electives with Lukas

The Hagen Show

August 20th we had the opportunity to experience a portion of the “Hagen Show”. This is a yearly cultural show where many of the surrounding tribes gather to show their cultural heritage. Each tribe that participates dresses up in their native festival outfits and dances/sings in front of judges and spectators. In the morning, the … More The Hagen Show

Mount Wilhelm

Over this past weekend, June 23-25, I had the amazing opportunity to climb Mount Wilhelm. Mount Wilhelm is the tallest peak in Papua New Guinea and all of Oceania at 4,509 meters (14,793 feet). Although it pales in comparison to many mountains in Asia, Europe, and South America, it is higher than any mountain in … More Mount Wilhelm