Mount Wilhelm

Over this past weekend, June 23-25, I had the amazing opportunity to climb Mount Wilhelm. Mount Wilhelm is the tallest peak in Papua New Guinea and all of Oceania at 4,509 meters (14,793 feet). Although it pales in comparison to many mountains in Asia, Europe, and South America, it is higher than any mountain in … More Mount Wilhelm

The New Maintenance System at Kudjip

What is this new maintenance system? The new maintenance system is a combination of a new standard process by which all work is done, and a new software “Computerized Maintenance Management System” (CMMS for short). The new system incorporates all maintenance processes. These include how work requests are approved and submitted, how scheduled work is … More The New Maintenance System at Kudjip

Hospital Evangelism

As we mentioned in our March newsletter, our small group had the opportunity to lead hospital evangelism this month. The chaplain team for the hospital picks dates and asks the different missionary small groups to host those days. April 23rd was the day we picked for our evangelism. As hosts, we prepare the devotionals and … More Hospital Evangelism

Spirit Month

In order to give my students some fun memories we decided to do a Spirit Month. After coming up with themes and voting on them we decided to have: Ancient Day, Group Day, Superhero Day and Rockstar Day. When the elementary school found out that we were doing this, they asked if they could join … More Spirit Month

Easter at Kudjip

HE HAS RISEN!!!! HE HAS RISEN INDEED!!!! What a blessing to be able to celebrate our Savior’s resurrection with our missionary family here on the Kudjip compound. It started out with a very early get-together in a backyard overlooking the “cow banis” (cow fence/pasture) and mountains. Everyone trickled in around 5:45AM. Seats were set up … More Easter at Kudjip

Teaching at George Rench Memorial High School (Part 2)

Living at Kudjip there are not very many opportunities for “normal” high school memories to be made by my students. They do have Youth Group with one of the parents here, and they are always coming up with activities to do together. These activities have definitely given them many memories and filled their school years … More Teaching at George Rench Memorial High School (Part 2)

Language Training

About two months ago we were sent off station to Timil Waghi, a nearby Bible College, to learn the basics of Tok Pisin. Tok Pisin (literally ‘language Pidgin’) shares many characteristics with English, but it is a much smaller language. There are far fewer words, making it easier for new learners. However, while some ideas … More Language Training